Use your Second Voice

Isn’t it awesome to have a second voice? It is very interesting to be able to talk to one’s self without being heard. Our thoughts are very powerful, and by the end of this post, you will learn how useful they are as a tool.

For as long as I can remember, I would think as often as I talk. I’ve been told I shouldn’t because doing so will cause me to be quiet during times I should socialize. I’m glad I now know better.

I will admit, It took me a while to learn social skills, but I won’t blame my prior lack of them on thinking. It is true that thinking can take one’s attention — which can cause one to not give others enough of it — but as I did, one can learn how to balance their spiritual (what I consider thoughts) and natural experiences.

How you ask? It’s simple, multitask. It’s simple, but one must know how to multitask properly — the subject of another post. During almost everything I do, I think because I don’t want to completely rely on instinct. I’ve come to realize that the imperfections of life does not permit me to rely on what feels right, or what comes naturally. Just as one learns book knowledge to function well in society, I mentally guide myself in all that I do.

When one can complete any task while thinking, they will become a lot more productive. In my next post I’ll give an in depth explanation.

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