How good is your game? Part 3

As I said in the previous post, I will explain how to develop sexy traits.

Confidence, confidence is situational comfortableness and self esteem.

In order to develop strong confidence, one should be comfortable with not being comfortable. One is not going to always be comfortable in every situation, but that’s okay. When one is okay with making mistakes and looking silly, their confidence will improve. Concerning self esteem, one needs a source of esteem that is secure. Most sources people use are not permanent; for example, clothes, compliments, and friends. My source of esteem is as explained in the bible, God’s love. Knowing that he loves me, and that he’ll always love me has allowed me to have a secure sense of worth.

Ambition, ambition is a desire to earn something one needs to be happier and or successful.

The reason ambition is sexy is because many women expect their potential lover to be able to provide. When a man can earn what ever he needs and or wants, usually a woman will feel more secure with him.

In order to develop it, one must understand that it’s his responsibility to be successful. One must be accountable to himself before being accountable to a family.

Protectiveness/toughness is an emotion triggered by a feminine woman that a man is infatuated with or loves.

It should be natural for a man to want to protect his lover, but to whom it’s not. One must learn to be brave and sacrifice his comfort for his (in many cases) physically weaker partner.

Gentleness, gentleness is kind and nurturing behavior.

As I said in my previous post, women tend to like a GENTLE man because gentleness balances the sometimes intimidating masculine traits of a man.

In order to be gentle, one must respect others feelings and personal space. In addition, one must be kind and understanding.

Appreciativeness, I defined appreciativeness as an emotion characterized by an appreciation and respect for women. It also includes cherishing the opposite sex.

Why should a man appreciate a woman? I believe that most women need to feel as I defined it, appreciativeness because it helps them feel fulfilled in life. A woman who feels respected, appreciated, and cherished for being who and what she is will be happier and possibly sexier.

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