Stop Manipulating People

Unfortunately, many people manipulate others.

For example, to persuade their parents, some young children act especially delightful. Another example is how in the dating world, in order to make them more submissive, some men jokingly insult emotionally vulnerable women. Some women do various things — such as waiting long periods of time before replying to a text message — to give a man the impression of her she wants him to have.

Some people don’t like manipulation as a concept, but are okay with some of its applications. Personally, I wish it will stop being done.

I won’t lie by saying I’ve never attempted to manipulate someone, but its been some time since my last attempt, and I don’t intend to try any more.

Manipulation is made possible by an understanding of various human characteristics. Such as our desire to feel good emotions (ever heard of flattery?) Or the desire for sexual fulfillment (low cut tops aren’t just a fashion statement.)

Some people are so crafty, they use ambiguity to promote an idea because they know ambiguity provides protection. For example, along with many other US presidents, President Trump is known for using ambiguous statements. During a republican debate, he said Megyn Kelly — a Fox News host — was hostile to him with “blood coming out of her eyes, and blood coming out of her wherever.” Because his statement can be considered ambiguous, he claimed his statement had nothing to do with the menstrual cycle; ambiguity gave him the power to do it.

Manipulation is a bad practice because humans shouldn’t sabotage each others happiness. We didn’t decide to exist and share the earth, so instead of fighting about it and living at each other’s expense, we should be good to each other, and work together for collective and individual happiness.

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