So you Think You’re Masculine?

Masculinity is to many men as beauty is to many women. It’s partly what defines males — I understand some men have a different opinion. This post is for people that think as I do.

Many men suffer from feeling as if they aren’t masculine enough. At one time, I did, and though not as much as it did in the past, the media still contributes to this problem.

At one time, men were taught to disregard their emotions, and be competitive and aggressive. This lead to what’s know as toxic masculinity.

To me, toxic masculinity exists because American males try to compensate for feeling inferior, and the values they’ve been taught are imperfect. Here are reasons why:

  1. Disregarding one’s emotions is immature because emotions are essential to understanding one’s self and others, and are a key component to social interactions. As a man, I know how uncomfortable it is to feel gentle, but it is human to feel, and I know I don’t have to act like a woman just because of my emotions.
  2. Instead of competing, men should cooperate. I understand that resources are limited and our will to survive isn’t, but competing can cause one to become selfish. To better explain my point, I said it before and I’ll say it again, humans don’t exist because they chose to, no man is human to one person and a god to another, and consequently, whether we like it or not, we are all family — of the same kind, and of the same planet — so we should work together.
  3. It’s okay to be assertive — boldly defend one’s rights — but unless absolutely necessary, it’s not okay to be aggressive. Fighting is not masculine — it’s just something that can be done — and violence is not cool. No one should be happy they caused someone else physical harm. We should cherish every life.

Every male needs to understand that their might always be someone with stronger masculine features. Human characteristics are diverse and that’s okay. For example, some men are relatively short but have a square shaped jaw, some men are relatively tall but have very small limbs, and some… okay that’s enough.

Instead of acting too serious, and or angry, and or aggressive, men should embrace what they have, and if necessary, learn how to maximize what they have. I did, and will explain in another post.

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