How good is your Game? Part 1

Game, a skill set used to improve a man’s chances of getting laid and or getting a girlfriend. Some people don’t have to think about it because they don’t have trouble developing a sexual relationship with attractive women. Others do — I was a part of the latter.

Being someone who to become attractive, had to improve himself, I studied and applied game, so I can talk about it.

In my opinion, game is about attraction and social skills. An attractive looking man with an attractive personality and good social skills shouldn’t have trouble attracting attractive women, and it’s those two things that many men lack.

In this post, I will talk about why game is not necessary, and in the next posts I will talk about attraction and social skills.

When a man is or becomes more attractive, game becomes unnecessary. There are some men who in different methods and routines use their attractive qualities, and or the qualities of other attractive men, but I think that is unneeded. It is possible to with good results — in a sense — perform for women, but it’s better to in every moment be honest in one’s actions and with one’s speech. Here are details that explain why

  1. It’s a good chance that women that are good at reading people will be able to tell you aren’t being authentic.
  2. Even if the character is one’s self, It can become a burden to play a character.
  3. Acting like other men does not guarantee results because of the nuances of personality.

Next post, attraction.

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