How good is your Game? Part 2

Attraction, a psychological experience people have when seeing and or interacting with someone that biologically compliments them — I understand same sex attraction exists, but I am not the right person to write about it.

As I said in my previous post, attraction is necessary for sexual relationships.

A lot of men don’t understand that the women they wanted didn’t want them because they weren’t attractive enough.

To make matters worse, some men’s beliefs sabotage their love life.

Niceness is appreciated, not sexy.

For example, some men think all they need is an attractive personality. In reality, a man should look attractive and have an attractive personality.

What makes a man attractive looking?

  1. A strong looking body, feminine women tend to be drawn to a man with developed muscles because they tend to distinguish males from females and are visually appealing.
  2. Height, feminine women tend to be drawn to men that are taller than them because height compliments masculine features.
  3. A face with a balance of masculine and soft features, masculine facial features are a low brow, — think Jamie Dornan — a broad forehead, — think David Beckham — a strong jawline, — think Henry Cavill — a strong chin, — think Aaron Eckhart — a relatively long lower face, — think George Clooney — and facial hair — don’t think too hard about this one. Soft features help a man look approachable and trustworthy. They include relatively big eyes, — think Ryan Gosling — short to medium hairstyles, — many men have this — and semi full to full lips — think Michael B Jordan.

The features I’ve mentioned are attractive because they tend to distinguish men from women. Masculinity is dominant — but shouldn’t be used to intimidate and or control — Femininity is delightful and comforting.

Now, I will talk about attractive personality traits. What makes the difference between these traits and general ones is the fact these traits are sexy.

  1. Confidence combined with humility, women tend to like this trait because it is inspiring to people who aren’t very sure of themselves and their worth, and it makes men appear more valuable — can improve a woman’s reputation.
  2. Ambition — especially with results — women tend to like this trait because it shows them a man can provide labor and knowledge to a relationship.
  3. Protectiveness/toughness — not to be confused with over protectiveness — women tend to like this trait because it makes them feel loved and safe.
  4. Gentleness, women tend to like gentleness because it makes them feel more comfortable with an masculine person.
  5. Appreciativeness, many women are drawn to men that appreciate them and cherish them for who and what they are.

The difference between attractive and sexy is, attractive is simply likable, sexy invokes one’s sexual imagination. Feminine women tend to want to have sex with masculine men that make them feel certain things. Each of the above traits make women feel things they need to feel.

Many men develop and cultivate attractive traits, but don’t consider sexy ones.

The traits I’ve mentioned can be developed. I’ve developed them. In the next post, I’ll talk about how.

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